Same, Same, Different

Kristen Swanson
1 min readOct 14, 2017

“And now.. again. But this time it’ll be same, same, different.”

These words, spoken often by a favorite teacher, have always served as a personal reminder that unfamiliar things are merely new expressions of what’s been practiced before.

Now, it’s my turn to say “same, same, different.”

My windy career has led me to a fast-growing technology start up where I solve learning design and organizational development problems every day.

The approaches I learned as an educator, school leader, and Edcamper will remain the same. The infusion and discovery of research and best practices will remain the same.

The environment, however, will be different. Instead of kids and teachers, I have managers and amazing team members. Instead of schools and parents, I have customers and learning bots.

Educators, readers, colleagues, and friends, thanks for coming along for the ride.



Kristen Swanson

Organizational Development Nerd, Edcamp Co-Founder, & Learning Scientist