Flow Coaching™ Dimension #1: Self Graded Goaling

Kristen Swanson
2 min readOct 21, 2019

Building a career you love is in your hands. By focusing on the 5 Flow Coaching™ Dimensions, you can spend more time at work feeling satisfied.

The first Flow Coaching™ Dimension is Self-Graded Goaling. Self-Graded Goaling happens when success is so crisply defined that you can give yourself accurate feedback on how you’re doing.

Remember the last time you were very stressed while working on a project at work? You were likely unsure if you were on the right track. Even worse, perhaps you thought you were succeeding only to find out later that you were far from meeting your boss’ expectations. Stress and surprise are two of the strongest flow fighters — they’re sure to zap your satisfaction at work.

Being able to grade yourself effectively on your work puts you back in control of your own success.

However, leaders are busy! Your boss might not have the time or capacity to structure each crisply for you. That’s ok — you can take the lead and bring him or her a summary of success so you have what you need to grade yourself along the way. I call these summaries Task Targets. I’ve shared my personal format for Task Targets below — give it a try on your next project and see if you can free yourself from uncertainty and get into the flow.

PS- If you’re a manager, try using Task Targets with your team. This level of clarity often sets a team’s performance alight!




What good looks like

  • The world will look different because…
  • People will feel…
  • People will do…

Definition of done

  • The next time we check in, it will be on…
  • The work product will be (an idea, drafted, finished).
  • We commit to (0, 1, multiple) rounds of feedback before we finalize this task.
  • The deliverable will be…

Things that typically don’t work/pitfalls

  • Some problems I’ve encountered in the past with similar tasks include…
  • Watch out for…

People who can help me if I get stuck

  • Person 1:
  • Person 2:


  1. Milestone:
  2. Milestone:
  3. Milestone:



Kristen Swanson

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